About Brontz

Hi everyone! This is Samuel (designer) and Sarah (my sister)! We started Brontz Studio because we are obsessed in changing app icons using a little known trick in Shortcuts.

This trend started on Tiktok where everyone start showing off their Aesthetic home screen. I started to design some for Sarah and she is really excited with the result!

Realizing that not everyone is able to design, use Photoshop and is highly reliant of free icons that just isn't as complete or aesthetic, we decided to start an online store selling icons we made ourselves. These is what our happy customer say...


Since then we gotten a lot of happy customers


Our store starts getting offers from individuals who is buying our designs to be listed on their apps so I thought to myself, "Why don't we enter iOS app store ourselves? Thus "Brontz Aesthetic App Icons" is created!

Many of our bestsellers are now listed on the app for FREE! That's our way to give back to the community that love us so much.

Unlike other developers on app store, we do not want to earn $20-50 on-going every year from you... Yikes! So its only one low fee of $9.95usd and you will be able to access it lifetime!

We will be releasing a request custom app icon feature here on the app very soon so stay tuned!

Do support us, give us a 5 star ratings if you love what we do, and just so happen if you love one of our design in the premium section, do consider getting the lifetime premium access. We will constantly load our new design in there 😉